Enjoying a relaxed pace is one of the most coveted benefits that Smith Mountain Lake residents hold so dear. Whether it’s watching the sunset over the calm waters near your cove or taking the boat out for some afternoon wakeboarding or water skiing, Smith Mountain Lake offers so much for lake residents to explore that we sometimes forget all of the interesting things that are waiting for us within our own backyards.

If you’re new to the area, you’ll want to become familiar with the different areas that make up Smith Mountain Lake. Eastlake is mostly comprised of Bedford County and is home to Moneta and Huddleston. A popular landmark in Eastlake would be the Smith Mountain Lake State Park.

Westlake is housed mostly in Franklin County and is made up of a number of towns including Hardy, Scruggs and Burnt Chimney. Westlake is where you’ll find Westlake Towne Center and another of other commercial properties. Union Hall and Penhook addresses are referred to as Southlake. Southlake is also home to The Water’s Edge, which is one of the most prestigious developments at Smith Mountain Lake.

As you begin exploring Smith Mountain Lake, make sure to branch out to each area and become familiar with all of the restaurants and shops in the vicinity, especially if you’re interested in relocating to that particular neighborhood or development. John and Charlene Jones with Remax Lake Front Realty can help define some interesting destinations for you to visit by land or by boat…and can show you some available properties along the way!