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It’s time to “fall back” one hour in observance of Daylight Saving Time. Rejoice, as this means you’re going to get that extra hour of sleep you’ve been mentally begging for over the last few months.

DST ends at 2am on November 2nd, so you’ll need to turn your clock back before you fall asleep on Saturday night (or risk arriving at church an hour before you had planned.)

Interesting fact: Arizona and Hawaii are the only two states that do not observe daylight saving time. Other states are proposing bills to get rid of DST altogether. Why? One reason is safety. Parents are concerned about their kids waiting roadside for school buses in the dark.

So why exactly do we observe Daylight Savings Time? According to an article on USA Today entitled, “Daylight Saving Time: What You Need To Know,” President Lyndon Johnson signed the “Uniform Time Act” into law in 1966 in an attempt to take advantage of daylight hours in hopes of cutting energy costs. However, the verdict is still out as to whether or not we see significant changes via DST.

In the interim we’ll all snuggle up in our cozy beds for that extra hour sleep on Sunday, leaving this conversation to snooze in the shadows until springtime…or until we try to figure out how to change the time on our car stereos.

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Residents are putting the final touches on their recipes and gearing up for the 2014 Fall Chili and Craft Festival slated for this Saturday, November 1st at Bridgewater Plaza.

Gaining in popularity each year, the Fall Chili and Craft Festival gives area businesses the chance to show off their culinary skills in a five-hour taste-testing event. Visitors vote for their favorite in one of three categories: Best Chili, People’s Choice, and Showmanship.

Admission is five dollars and gates open at 11am. Judging takes place at 3pm.

For more information on the Smith Mountain Lake Fall Chili and Craft Festival, check out the SML Regional Chamber of Commerce website at

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As far as real estate trends go, fall is typically deemed “slow” months for perspective buyers and sellers. This is because of the notion that families aren’t interested in uprooting their children in the midst of a school year to settle into a new home. However, the Smith Mountain Lake market falls into a different buying and selling demographic…and fall is an opportune time to showcase your home or search for a brand new one.

Why? For starters, empty-nesters and millennials who have yet to start families aren’t as concerned with the school calendar. They’re searching for homes on their own terms and fall is just as good of a time as any to shop around. Plus, with the influx of visitors we have to the SML area for fall festivals (including the Smith Mountain Lake Wine Festival and The Fall Chili and Craft Festival), there is a lot of potential for new faces eager to explore the lake.

There’s no denying that Smith Mountain Lake is lovely in the summer, but in terms of breathtaking beauty, the fall season is a sure winner. The Blue Ridge is peppered with the season’s boldest colors, and the water is calm and reflective. These, in combination with a crisp, baby blue sky, make Smith Mountain Lake an absolutely gorgeous place to visit during the fall.

When it comes to buying or selling a home in the Smith Mountain Lake market, align yourself with the team that is going to help you reach your goals regardless of the season: John and Charlene Jones. With double the experience and double the expertise, you’ll find that working with this highly respected team is the first step in making your Smith Mountain Lake dream a reality.

For a current list of homes and more insight on the SML market, visit

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If you’re visiting Smith Mountain Lake during the weekend of July 18th-July 20th, then you might notice some strange characters wandering about the area in search of buried treasure. Fear not, for you’ve just discovered a fun event that’s quickly becoming one of SML’s most anticipated events…Smith Mountain Lake Pirate Days.

Beginning July 18th, participating businesses will outfit their staff in their best pirate garb and embark on a fun-filled adventure of treasure hunts and special pirate events including the Blimey Battle of Bridgewater which takes place on Saturday, July 19th at 2pm.

So how do you know which businesses are participating? Simply look for the Jolly Roger flag (skull and crossbones) flying high above the doorway and enter for some pirate-themed entertainment!

For more information on SML Pirate Weekend, check out the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce website at Here you’ll find information on Pirate Weekend as well as many other scheduled events that you’ll want to make plans to attend.

Interested in exploring the lay of the land? Then call John and Charlene Jones of Remax Lakefront Realty. Whether by car or by boat, John and Charlene will help you discover Smith Mountain Lake and show you which properties suit your lifestyle needs. 

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Independence Day at Smith Mountain Lake has become a “rite of passage” for many Smith Mountain Lake vacationers. If you ask long-time SML vacationers when they first discovered the area, chances are many of them would announce that July 4th was the start of their Smith Mountain Lake obsession. As the holiday creeps closer, traffic begins to pick up as vacationers make their way to their “home away from home.”

There are various Independence Day celebrations in and around Smith Mountain Lake. On Thursday, July 3rd, Franklin County High School (located in Rocky Mount, only 15 minutes from Smith Mountain Lake) hosts their annual 4th of July Rotary Independence Festival. The event begins at 5pm and concludes with a breathtaking fireworks display. Live music, kid’s activities and food vendors will be on site. Admission is free.

On Friday, July 4th, spectators pack in Parkway Marina for the annual SML Fireworks and Fire Company Fundraiser presented by the Saunders Volunteer Fire Company. Head out to Huddleston early, however, as this event fills up fast! More information can be found at

And if you’re still looking to fill the fireworks void post July 4th, then you’ll want to check out the Moneta Fire-Worx Fest on Saturday, July 5th in Downtown Moneta. Admission is $5 per person and includes a concert by The Worx from 6p-10p.

If this is your first July 4th at Smith Mountain Lake, then you’ll definitely want to make plans to visit these events. Each one is located in a different area of Smith Mountain Lake, so you’ll get a good driving tour of the area. And there are so many fun attractions along the way that you’ll become acclimated to the area in no time.

Would you like to learn more about living at Smith Mountain Lake? Then call John and Charlene Jones of Remax Lakefront Realty at 540-874-7002.

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Enjoying a relaxed pace is one of the most coveted benefits that Smith Mountain Lake residents hold so dear. Whether it’s watching the sunset over the calm waters near your cove or taking the boat out for some afternoon wakeboarding or water skiing, Smith Mountain Lake offers so much for lake residents to explore that we sometimes forget all of the interesting things that are waiting for us within our own backyards.

If you’re new to the area, you’ll want to become familiar with the different areas that make up Smith Mountain Lake. Eastlake is mostly comprised of Bedford County and is home to Moneta and Huddleston. A popular landmark in Eastlake would be the Smith Mountain Lake State Park.

Westlake is housed mostly in Franklin County and is made up of a number of towns including Hardy, Scruggs and Burnt Chimney. Westlake is where you’ll find Westlake Towne Center and another of other commercial properties. Union Hall and Penhook addresses are referred to as Southlake. Southlake is also home to The Water’s Edge, which is one of the most prestigious developments at Smith Mountain Lake.

As you begin exploring Smith Mountain Lake, make sure to branch out to each area and become familiar with all of the restaurants and shops in the vicinity, especially if you’re interested in relocating to that particular neighborhood or development. John and Charlene Jones with Remax Lake Front Realty can help define some interesting destinations for you to visit by land or by boat…and can show you some available properties along the way! 

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There are so many reasons why people fall in love with Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. With over 500 miles of shoreline to discover, families of all sizes become enamored with the area’s southern hospitality and charm.

If you’ve decided to relocate to the area, you’ve probably started the process of looking for that perfect property to call home. First things first: you need to have an experienced realtor on your side; one who has your best interest at heart. John and Charlene Jones have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the home that best suits your needs and desires. With over 22 years of experience, John and Charlene know the Smith Mountain Lake market and are skilled at connecting motivated buyers and sellers.

There are some basic questions that you should ask yourself as you search for homes that are for sale in and around the Smith Mountain Lake area. Is this your primary residence or your vacation home? How much space do you need? Would a condo or townhome have enough space? Do you have your heart set on a waterfront home, or is water access sufficient?

It’s also important to become familiar with the different areas that surround Smith Mountain Lake so that you can narrow your search. Smith Mountain Lake touches three different counties: Franklin, Bedford and Pittsylvania. Each area of the lake has its own distinct personality, so explore each location to see which one fits your needs.

To begin your journey to Smith Mountain Lake, contact John and Charlene Jones of Remax Lake Front Realty at 540.874.7002.

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